Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines day.

Valentines so far has been a bit of a blur....

I was woken up to the telephone only to find it was the delivery driver for the gym equipment ny DH issists is going to make us both thinner???? The driver tells me we will be there is an hour maybe an hour and 15 mins and so I am frantically trying to clean enough space for him to put it down in my bedroom when 20 mins after phone call they are here. Must be man minutes!!!! However they cannot get it up the stirs despite the fact we paid extra for their silver delivery package so they would. Eventually they take it in pieces, well at least they take the big bits and leave me all the rest to do after they have gone. Good job we did not pay for the bronze package they awould have left it at the top of the drive.....!

The children had a 2 hour delay for school today teachers much not have had enought ime off due to the very few inches we got on tuesday. We had a half day tuesday, all day wednesday off and a 2 hour delay this morning. I know we live in a rural mountain area but really seems excessive. Anyhow complaining over.

Yesterday I got 3 packages in the mail, a nice surprise. Everything from great mags and coffee to some beautiful yarn and a good book. Loads of fun cannot wait to have a few mins to sit down and enjoy.

I cannot belive that tomorow my Beautiful daughter Charlottte is turning one. She has been such a great additon to the family. It really seems like we have always had her. But I don't feel like we have had her a year, does not seem long ago I had just found out I was pregnant with her. Oh the surpise!!!!! Still I guess tooooooo many margaritas will do that to you...
My other beautiful daughter Caitlin is growing up before my eyes at 12 now she is growing into a young lady. With all the hormones to go with. When she is not a moody teen she is lovely. She is smart and funny and very creative. I spent some time this weekend making Dotte dolls for my Girls Scout troop and with no instruction she jumped right in and made one of her own. I had left all the stuff out as I had not quite finished and I find her making valentine stuffies. No pattern jsut having fun and creating. Sometimes I think they need to do more of that and have at the craft supplies who knows what they will do.
And must not forget that my Husband did not forget or ignore this year he left for to come down stairs to this morning a lovely vase full of lavender Tea Roses along with a card that said it all. We have been to gether for 15years now and I have loved every minute. Well ok there are one or two I would leave out but not many.