Sunday, December 21, 2008

long time no post

It seems like ages since i last posted.

Things here are busy with christmas coming fast. We have lots of snow which always slows things down. skiing has started so time on the weekends is limited though normally to be fair they are home before 12pm and we can get out then.

I have been furiously knitting I really wnat to get Angelina done for christmas i had hoped to wear it to church christmas eve. i have finsihed the body and just have the lace border to do. Bottom edge of lace is done and i have started the collar with just the sleeves to go it might be doable......

Socks have had to take a back burner much to my disgust as they are without doubt my favorite thing to knit and i need some new ones. I have a pair on the needles but have not picked them up in weeks. maybe when angelina is done.

My sipalu bag from knit picks is also almost done i had hoped to get it to mil for christmas but i think now for her brithday in january. i have loved this project and am eager to do another one . not having done any color work before it held lots of challenges but i have loved every minute of this project.

my spinning is going slowly though i did manage to finish spinning the camel and ply it and havenow got it hanging to dry i have 2 smallish skeins probabaly around 250-300 yards though not sure. i really need to get me one of those measurring things. i have asked santa but he does always listen.

we are hoping after the christmas rush has died down to go out and finally clelebrate our getting our green cards it still seems somewhat sureal that we have no longer got anything to worry about and we just have not had time to celebrate. soon i hope. maybe we can even do it in vermont where the family can ski and i can go shopping for yarn and fleece and enjoy some serous knitting time. i am hopingthat soon i will be able to get my traveller wheel so i can also take that but maybe not for this first trip. we shall seee.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

warming ewe up swap questionnaire

Swap Q&A
Do you knit or crochet, or both? How long have you been at the craft? i knit only and have been on and off for 23 years though it has become a serious obssesion during the last 3 years

Do you spin? yes i got my first wheel this year i can also drop

What yarns/fibers are your favorites? i love anything natural and soft and for fiber i love the exotics recently got to work with some camel. i love bamboo and silk and anything a little different but really i just the love the chance to knit or spin

What yarns/fibers do you not like? cheap chain store acrylics

What yarns/fibers would you like to try but haven’t? there is always something new to try so no real desires

What are your favorite colors? Colors that you don’t like? no real hates though bright orange or yellow would not really be me unless i could make socks with it then it odes not seem to matter what color

What are your favorite types of projects to knit/crochet? socks socks socks. though recently i have been on a color work kick

What are you currently working on? i currently have on my needles, the SIPALU bag from knit picks and the ANGELINA jacket from whitelies designs for me and i have a pair of socks going in the car

What is your favorite FO? (Please post a picture if you have one.) not sure though i did just finish an adorable sweater for my youngest daughter in 2 colors of bunny hop

Are there any techniques that you want to learn? steeking i guess is next scary but maybe nessacary and entrelac. i have seen some great work done wiht it never had a go though

Do you have a yarn winder and/or swift? yarn winder but no swift yet

How do you store your needles/hooks? does down the side of the couch count. no really i have a boy scout popcorn tin for straights and an old wash bag for circs

Do you collect anything? besides yarn. girl scout things and smores characters you know the marshmallow treat and anything to do with cowboys

Do you like sweets? yep i have bad sweet tooth. i love gummi candies sweedish fish and bears being favs

What are your favorite scents? vanilla and cookies

Are you having a birthday during this swap? nope

Do you have any online wish lists? (Amazon, Loopy Ewe, etc.) Please include a link for your pal.

What is your living situation (Are you married? Do you have kids, pets, or both?) married with 3 kids daughter 12 son 8 and adaughter 20 months

Are you allergic to anything? nuts and housework

Is there anything else that you would like your pal to know? originally from england and now living in the us, in fact just yesterday got my green card approval to stay.
i am a girl scout leader and love it
i am a die hard country music fan and love cowboys

great movie

I took my oldest daughter to see the new Twilight movie saturday. I had hoped to see Bolt but got dragged to this instead. I have not read the Stephanie Meyer books and had no interest in them. But WOW I loved the movie and want to go see it again. I have not see sucha good movie in a long time. Had no real expectations but this succeeded in holding my interest and my breath for the whole time. It was great. I cannot wait to read the books now guess i should ahve done that first but oh well.

a really great movie for adults and teens alike. bring on number 2. soon i hope please please please............

Monday, November 24, 2008

question #6

So the question for the falling for ewe swap this week. is what holiday projects are you looking forward to??????

I am not sure i am looking forward to any holiday projects but i currently have one on the go. I am currently knitting the knit picks sipalu bag for my mil. It is going very well and i am really enjoying it. I have never done any color work before and this was quite a project to tackle first time out. I am about 2/3rds of the way throught this project and hope????? to have it done in time to send home for christmas. I cannot wai to do another.

I also have a huge project on the go for me. I am knitting the white lie vintage bed jacket for me. I have around 16 inches done so far and have gotten thesleeves cast on (it is all knit in one peice) and now have to go 141/5 inches from cast on for sleeves then i will split for fronts. It is just miles and miles of 2 by 2 rib. not hard just tedious.

thanks giving is coming fast and lots still needs to be done for me to get my dream vacation. no housework in case you did not know. i want to be able to sit and knit and hopefullly spin some without havingt o keep thinking i need to get up and do laundry or vacum..... most of the family will be out skiing and the baby and me will be all alone and quiet. she is so good when i want to do things if you feed her and spend time with her in the morning she will sleep for a couple of hours in the afternoon or we will watcha movie and she will sit next to me and just enjoy being together, nothing like it. sometime i dont even knit i just sit with her and enjoy her company she is a wonderful companion.

off to bed now not feeling great this cold has kicked my butt this time

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

awesome read.

I have just finished an awesome book. it was reccomended to me along time ago, i never thought it would be for me but i added it to my wish list about 2 months ago and low and behold i recieved it in a swap about a month back. i decided to give it a go with not much hope of liking it, however could not ut it down.

THe book Memoirs of a Geisha. This was a very cool read. It never slowed down, it was nto at all what i thought and i find it very hard to believe that it was anovel and not someones biography. It was awesome. i loved it and will definately read over and over again. after i have passed it to some friends who should read it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

insane two weeks

It has been and an insane couple of weeks. We found out a little while ago that there had been some issues with our green card, like they lost some paper work this we are told is fairly common and there is nothing you can do anything about. any way i am sure that this is not a problem for a lot of people but we have been waiting for 16 months to hear anything. Our official visa run out december 9th this year and with no end in sight we were looking at some very tough descisions.

Cut our loses and leave at the end of visa time.
or apply for an extension which we may or not be granted as we have already had one.

we decided to re apply for an extension and see what happened. And luck was on our side .

Thursday evening we were told by the lawyers that the approval had gone through. We could stay for another year and hope that in that time we could get our green card sorted out.
so Y'all are stuck with me at least for another year. Apart from having to go out of the country and get things done it is all good.

as for other things going on a very sad event occured in our church this week. Not only did we loose our pastors wife in july to a car accident and having rocked the community we seemed to be getting back on track. But this week a very prominent member of our church took his own life in our pastors office, his wife who is the secretary of our church was unfortunately the person who had to find him. He is well loved and will be greatly missed in our small community.
he leaves behind two great kids and a wife, long with countless family memebers and friends who will miss him a lot.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

falling for ewe package number 2

a wonderul package came thism morning from my swap pal from falling for ewe. this is the second wonderful box i have recieved from traceyschuh and she really went all ou this time. i recieve

d from her 7 yes count them 7 balls of lovely yarns my daughter really wants me to make her some fingerless mitts from the pink and blue.

2 great mags, a needle case so i no longer have to stuff them down the side of the couch...

some glorious things for my hand s which now the weather has changed are always dry and sore i hope to find some time to use the kit today. candles and bath things and a book on gifts in a jar.

a perfect package for me she obviously stalked me well.

onto other things i go to go to RHINEBECK this week, first time and i was not dissapointed. so much yarny goodness all in one place very hard not to drool. i was very restarined and did not go nuts thoguh i very easily could have. i bought roving in various colors and fibers which i cannot wait to spin. i am nearly done with the camel and merino i bought at soar it is so soft and a joy to spin, like butter. i also bought some lornas laces sock in a lovely dessert color pallete kind of like icecream. a mug just for me and many othe rthings. we had an absolute blast up there and are saving hard to go again next year. cannot wait. having not been to any fiber related festivals before the last month has really opened my eyes to what is out there and what can be done.

i saw an amazing shrug that i left the satll saying i just had to have, unfortunately her shipment of kits did not come to usa with her bad planning i think, however she said email me and i will be only to happy to send one out. so monday i emaila dn get a rapid response, she is willing to mail me a kit at the cost of $200 dollars plus $40 s&h and maryland tax at 6% i only wanted the pattern but alas she will nto sell me just that. ihad hoped to spin the yarn from things i have here and go from there. oh well i will keep searching and find the perfect one.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

falling for ewe question of the week #5

Do you like football and what is your favorite team.??

Being from England I can honestly say no I do not like americas version of football. I do however love english football or soccer if you want to call it that. Manchester United was my team and we watch whenever we can. Not often as fox soccer channel does not show it to much, hey ho.

I have tried to like american football but to no avail. It comes accross as a very broing game with not alot of ongoing action. I like my sports a little faster in pace. And what i ask is the point of not wearing shorts it is the reason many women love to watch socccer the chance to see fit me in tight short shorts.....

loads of stuff

This is just a crazy time of year for me, with tons of stuff happening.

Girl scouts is very busy and getting busier all the time. I have a facilitator course booked for me to do on october 25th for 6 hours. I have the 2 troops which it feels will never be organised. And now Dawn and I have the chance to run 2 7 week programs for the journeys very busy time. I do love it though.

As for knitting I have nealr finished a pair of gloves I had bought the yarn for at the farm 2 weeks ago and i am very pleased with how they are turning out. I still have not yet finished the toe up sock blank socks though I must try and do that this week. I have to get around to taing picture for them so i can show my partner how great the colors worked. maybe later today.

I am hoping today that my knitpicks order will come in and i can get a start on FIL's christmas gift a pair of felted slipper clogs very cute and manly of course.

Spinning is going better than i could have hoped . I went to the soar market last week and bought some beautiful roving i could not wait to spin. so i went ahead and spun it wow wow owow it spun like butter and i plied it this morning and i love it. pics to follow.

swaps. i have recieved 2 wonderful packages this week. A coffee and choclate swap which contained some wonderful coffee and chocolates and some gorgeous happy feet yarn and many o ther great goodies.

book swap this month was a great experience i recived from gina not one but 3 books

Memoirs of a Geisha, a killer stitch. and on what grounds. all of these havebeen on my wishlist for a while and i cannot wait to read them. she also sent me some wonderful bits and pieces for my girl scout scrap book and some lion brand self striping yarn.

so all in all a great week.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


A quick post this morning.

As I am off to the market at the spin off retreat. I finally found some help with my spinning from a fantastic lady near me her name was Tricia. She not only managed to get me going with it but gave me loads of great advice and helpful tips. She also told me about SOAR whilst i am to late to sign up for classes they do have a market open to the public and she thought it would be great fro me to go and see whats out there. So that is what I am doing today. I am looking forward to it very much as I missed the last fiber festival i wanted to attend as my mom was here from England.

Will post details later

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

question of the week #2 falling for ewe swap

what project am i looking forward to working this autum/ winter???

i saw a very cute pattern for felted slippers, i have done some felting before have really enjoyed it. I hope to be able to get lys this week, i have a coupon for my birthday, i like the colors that cascade 220 comes in hope to be able to start them soon. especially as i woke up this morning and it is freezing here even the kids were complaining.
and of course way more socks. and who can resist something beautiful and very luxurious for my baby daughter

Monday, September 8, 2008

falling for ewe question of the week.#1

What do I like most about autum.?????????

I love the falling leaves and the many colors they come in. I have not seen colors like we get here in the poconos anywhere else.

i Love crisp mornings and evenings and finaly being able to be outside without dying from humidity. clear air is a wonderful thing.

But most of all i like to be able to cook some more hearty and warming meals, soups and stews and the change in vegetables is wonderful.

busy busy busy

Life never seems to stop here. We have family here for the last week in august and the first 2 weeks of this month so far. I want my house back.....

anyway with regards my knitting i have done exactly none. I did finally get caitlins halter top off the needles and she loves it, i am not sure about it but she is happy so I guess thats all that matters.

I also got around to finishing the toes on the THree Irish Girls sock yarn I got for julys club. Nice to work with with and I am thrilled with the finished results.

The rest of my life is in caos so not alot else to tell.

will try and find something exciting soon.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

question of the week 10

It has been a while since i posted one of these, just have not gotten around to it.

but here is this weeks. What Olympic event would best describe you knitting/knitting style?

hmmm!!! a tough one. i think because of it ups and owns it would have to be the hurdles. the hurdles my knitting has to over come is shear lack of time. I wish it could be th emarothon but to no avail. hurdles it is.......

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

falling for ewe yarn swap

Do you knit or crochet? knit i cannot crochet at all How long have you been at your craft? about 23 years on and off though only really serious in last 5 years
Do you spin? yes i drop spindle and have just bought my very first wheel and when i can get anytime without the kids am going to give it a whirl
Are there any other crafts that you participate in? lots have tried nearly everything. i love to cross stitch and i recently started a card class but mostly cos i do not have to buy everything and fil up yet more space in my house
What are your favorite yarns/fibers? i love to use soft natural fibers and have been lucky enough recently to get the chance to try some very exotic things
What are your LEAST favorite yarns/fibers? hard scratchy acrylics
Are there any types/brands of yarn that you are dying to work with but haven’t gotten a chance? would love to try milk yarn and anything else unusual
What are your favorite types of projects to knit/crochet? socks socks socks. i love them
What are you currently working on? a pair of socks from a sock club i belong to and a halter top for my daughter Anything you plan to start this autumn? i have a really little girl and she will need pretty things for the winter and socks socks socks and maybe some mittens
What is your favorite FO? (Please, post a picture if you would like.) hard to say i really enjoy it all
What is your oldest UFO? halter top for dauhter it has been a real trial of patience
Are their any knitting/crochet techniques that you would like to learn? steeking i guess is on the list and would love to work a little more with color
Are you a sock knitter? yes. and i guess i would be a large ladiesWhat are your foot measurements?
Do you have a yarn winder and/or a swift? a winder but not a swift it is on my list of things to get but have not done yet
Where/how to you keep you needles/hooks? everywhere. but i do have an old popcorn can
Do you collect anything? anything to do with girl scouts and smores
What is your favorite type of music? Are you MP3 ready? country and i have an ipod and an mp3
Do you like sweets? What are your favorites? all of them except cinammon. i wspecially like gummies
What is your living situation like? Any pets? Children? 3 kids 12 7 and 18months 2 dogs and a parrot and a rabbit oh and a husband of 16 years
Are you allergic to anything? nuts
Do you have an online wish list (Amazon, Etsy, Loopy Ewe, etc.)? Please include links for your swap pal. yes an i will post it when i get a chance
Are you having a birthday during this swap? yes september 27th
What is your Ravelry ID? scoutleader425

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

sock blank swap

i recieved this wonderful package from KAT. it included the most amazing sock blank dyed with wilton colors and including cowboy hats on it how perfect. also she sent me many other cowboy related items including a handpainted jar filled with cowboy chocolate. she really outdid herself i and i cannot thank her enough.
so KAT from ravelry thankyou. i will look out for you in the future.

Monday, August 4, 2008

crazy week or weeks...

it seems like ti has been ages since i last got 5 mins to post. things have been very hectic with the kids home from school and running here there and everywhere with them.

My sister in law is arriving in 3 short weeks and we are trying to get the house to some level of cleanliness and tidyness!!! After rachel is here we have 3 days to get it back togehter before my mom and sister come for 3 weeks yes you read that right.

My knitting has definately taken a back seat to all of this as i cannot knit and drive, must find a way to do that and i also cannot knit and paint dinning rooms again working on finding a way. every time i sit down to try someone needs something doing or wanting. hey ho it will happen eventually i guess.

a couple of weeks ago i got a real bargin and found in a local antiques barn ( more like an old shed filled with junk) an ashford spinning hweel in need of a little tlc. She needed a brake band, a drive band and a little piece of leather to make the peddle go up and down. and that was it she was mine with no haggling over price for $50. I ahve ordered the things she needs and hope they will be in the mail this week. I am very excited to give her a whirl have never done it before and cannot wait. I am heading to the Endless Mountains fiber festival the first week in september and hopeto buy some lovely roving or may be even raw fleece to spin. I have enough to be practcing with for now.

I recieved my yarn from the first shipment of the Three Irish Girls yarn club. I chose the handpainted option of Lady Slipper it is a lovely combination of pinks purples and greeens witha litttle brown aswell. I loved the pattern called POPSICLE and am about half way down the leg part. pictures to follow.

I also bought a month from the Sock Cinema club and this morning recieved A FEW GOOD MEN. it is a really interesting combo of gold dark blue and white it looks like marine dress uniform, what more could a girl ask for, the chance to dream marine whilst knitting!!!! It also cam with a great sock project bag and some delicious candy. I am going to order next months this afternoon. I think next months is GONE WITH THE WIND another favorite for me.

After a disaster dyeing my sock blank for the ravelry sock blank swap, i finally got mine out int he mail this week past. I really hope my partner likes it i was pleased with the result it had many different red hues with green running through it to.

must dash for now lots to do but will post pics later today when i get a few more mins. Who am i kidding not going to happen maybe tomorow

Thursday, July 10, 2008

wow wow wow

wow wow wow

OMG my BFF totally spoiled me. sorry to much time with small children. but wow my partner spoiled me rotten this month. as you can see from the picture which really does not do it all justice she went way over board.
she really found out things about me . she sent me a book from my amazon wishlist the "sleeping beauty proposal". a lovely margarita lip balm and some very pretty stitch markers with margarita glasses
some baby boo in the most gorgeous shade called apples and berries which is defiantely going tomake socks for me just me and noone else. a skein of the softest yarn it is niji and a blend of bison cahmere and silk. she sent me some hand made wine glass fipflops which are really cute.
a wonderful kit from buffalo gold, bison yarn to make a double moss stitch scarf. a a drop spindle kit. i ahd bought one recently and did not get on well with it made from a door knob and dowel despite trying many time it was not for me. however this one is great i love the weight and have been successful with it nearly from the start.
so to tangled yarns thankyou a wonderful package and thansk really is not enough.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

gone again

my beautiful daughter arrived home from camp yesterday evening. tired and cranky from long car ride. just enough time for dinner do the laundry and eat breakfast with the family before heading out for camp again, this time girl scout camp. she really does enjoy her camps but this was bad planning on my part time wise.

i did get her new socks finished for her to take with her and i am so pleased at how they came out. the colors were amazing and she is so proud to have some socks made from yarn she dyed herself. pics to follow when i can find the camera.

on tuesday i cast on what lucas is calling his llama socks. made from handspun yarn i got at the alpaca farm for my llama obssesed 7 year old. they are knitting up very fast and should be done later tonight i hope. fawn in color they are thick and chunky which is what he wanted for when he gets out of the bath in the winter, it gets very cold here. he thinks he is going to wear them now i think not as he will slowly roast from the feet up... i also should have enough left over to knit him some mittens for winter which he likes.

as for what is next i can honestly say i do not know i have some really nice yarns that i have either picked out at lys or been sent and have so many things running through my head i am unsure which to pick so i will have to sit down with yarn and have a talk with it to see where it wants to go!!!!!

the drop spindle i bought is proving to be fun if not very succesful i cant seemt o egt very even yarn and think maybe i am doing something wrong but with no one to ask or go to for help i have to keep trying on my own. i am really keen to get this going as i do really enjoy it. i am hoping to be able to get good enough to persuade hubby for a wheel. i love how the rovong feels in hands as it turns to yarn. i think though not sure why that there is too much twist in the yarn i am making though if i do not keep spindle moving it seems unravel and then it is very uneven. will persavere and hope that what people keep telling me is true. i ahve been told at least 4 times that one day sit seems really ahrd and you think you are never going to get it and th next it clicks and you are off. i hope this holds and my day is coming soon.

Friday, June 27, 2008

secret pal question of the week #3

What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?

That is the question as for the answer hmmmmm!!!

are you nuts there is no amount perfect enough for the yummy, smooshy, silky, handpainted, handspun, natural, thing call yarn.. I love it and there will never be enough for me. variety is the spice of life and I want as much variety as i can find.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

sunday rainy sunday

yet another rainy sunday hmmph!!!!

simon has gone into work today in an effort to get alot done and so that he can have monday off. the weather looked better for monday and we wanted to take the kids out for the day and do something fun. so it seemed like a good idea. However it is raining and the children want to go out and play and they cannot so we are all in the house and i cannot get anything done. be it housework or knitting. maybe later.

yesterday we ordered the stone for the new patio and i cannot wait to get it down now it is going to look great. i can really see it taking shape now and have lots of plans for the space. we are thinking about lighting and furniture and i am still hoping we can do the fireplace thing.

my knitting this week has been fairly sporadic as it is the first week the kids have been home. i did go to the sit and knit this week at my lys. Mountain knits and pearls. it was busy with 12 ladies and one gentleman there but lots of fun a very diverse group. i wish i could go a little more often but with scouts and karate time is not on my side.

however whilst i was there i happened to metion to the lady sat to my right that i had seen a site for locally grown alpaca yarn about a mile from where i live. yes i confess i had no idea and we have been here 6 years. anyway she knew all about the place and also happened to metion that they are a CSA. ever since we have been here i had hoped to be able to join a box vegetable scheme but have never found one. so i called and went down and to my huge surprise they are a fanstic group where once a week i can go down and pick out locally grown organic vegetables for next to no money. AND the best part is they have this fantastic selection of alpaca yarn.

the really great thing about the whole experience though was lucas my 7 year old son has been in love with lamas for the longest time and the look on his face when he got to be up close and very personla with 25 alpacas was priceless. he has talked about nothing else since we went down. makes being the mother of a 7 yeard old boy all worth it. he cannot wait to go back.

any way the lure of the laundry is too much and i must now leave. hopefully it will stop raining and the kids can go out to play, the baby will nap and i can try and finish this pair of socks i have got 3 inches left to do.

well a girl can dream.!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

question of the week.

secret pal question of the week. what is your favorite summer time drink.

my answer to this is without a doubt, a margarita on the rocks with no salt. is there anything else on a hot summers day???

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

only 6 days to go.....

Only 6 long and slow days till the next great installment of the Janet Evanovich series this one is "Fearless Fourteen" cannot wait. But I guess i will have to. I love love love the series and have read them all. June 17th is the day. I had hoped the children would still be in school and i would get a whole day to myself to read it but to no avail.. the children finish friday.

as for my knitting i am so pleased i managed to get caitlins purple maizy socks off the needles and the reson i am so pleased is not only did they come out great i had enough left over to make charlotte some to and so the girls will have matching socks. to cool. caitlin thinsk it is great, with sucha big age gap there is not much they can where that si the same unless imake it.
i loved this yarn it was so soft and easy to work with. will defiantely use it agian.
having jut put the photo on there it reallly does not do them any justice first of all they are a really great pruple color and second they look really fat and out of shape in thepicture but they are not in real life. not sure what is going on there, bad photography maybe......
not sure what else i am planning on starting now i have a lace scarf on the needles with some yarn i hand dyed. love the yarn just not the pattern, might take it back and look for something else.
i think i will go and make some coffee and think about it some more, enjoy the sunshine and seeif i get insprired. I am thinking about buying a drop spindle kit, i would love to spin my own but have no real thoughts about where to start. I found a site on line taht has a nice kit for just $16 and it comes with fiber and instructions, but i think if i get anything else yarn related simon will kill me. on the other hand he is not here and it will be here before he returns from his trip to england. i will see.......
i have some great swaps going out in the next few days, i just have a couple more things to get. I went to the yarn store yesterday and bought some beautiful things. I did make one small error though i bought all the things i need for thsi months crochetaholics swap and it was a lovely knitting patter and yarn to go with for the bag that goes with a summer novel swap and when i got home partners had been assigned and unfortunately my new partner is a crocheter, i have to find a new pattern. never mind i am sure that my partner will like the yarn anyway.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

secret pal 12 questionnaire

I have joined and been accepted for the secret pal 12 swap this is my questionnaire for this swap

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? I like natural fibers and love to try new ones but for me it has to be about how it feels , soft iis very important and you can find that feeling in many man made fibers also
What fibers do you absolutely *not* like? I hate " red heart super saver yarn" other than that just really scratchy things are not for me.
2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in? I currently have all my straight needles in a boy scout pop corn can and my dpns and circs in a dmc bow holder made for cross stitch threads
3. How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? I have been knitting for 23 years and my Great Aunt taught me. No television and i used to spend the whole summer with her boredom would set in fast so she taught me to knit so i would not be bored all the time
Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced? I would consider my self to be advanced intermediate and not afrid to try something new and not afraid to admit i don't know
4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list? yes
5. What's your favorite scent? vanilla
6. Do you have a sweet tooth? unfortunatley Favorite candy? chocloate or gummy candy especially the little bears. no cinnamon though
7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? I have tried most things every thing from jewlery and cross stitch to soap making and wood burning i have not really found anything i do not like
Do you spin? no but i think if i could find some materiald i would give it a go
8. What kind of music do you like? country and some rock
Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD) yes
9. What's your favorite color(s)? like most colors though i tend to steer away from brown and dirty greens Any colors you just can't stand? not really
10. What is your family situation?i am very happily married with 3 ( wow is it really that many) kids 2 girls and one boy my oldest is 12 and my youngest is 16 months
Do you have any pets? yes but if you want them they are yours...... no seriously i have 2 dogs and a rabbit and a parrot
11. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos? yes it gets really cold here
12. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit? socks and pretty things for my girls to wear
13. What are you knitting right now? I currently have a purple pair of socks on the go and nearly finished and a lace scarf that i hand dyed the yarn for
14. Do you like to receive handmade gifts? yes i love it when someone takes time out of their busy day to make something just for me
15. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? either is good though i lean toward cirulars Bamboo, aluminum, plastic? given the choice bamboo though i have both plastic and metal aswell
16. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift? nope trying to talk hubby into making one for me 17. How old is your oldest UFO? not really sure i do not have many
18. What is your favorite holiday? christmas
19. Is there anything that you collect? i collect all things smore's you know the girl scout marshmallow snack. i alos collect anything to do with girl scouts, patches pins books etc
20. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? all of them.......
What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have? I do not have nay i like to go to the book store each month and get tehm that and this gives me an excuse to buy more books to read
21. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn? i plan to get learning the magic loop technique. i have the book the needles and the yarn just need to finish current pair of socks before i start
22. Are you a sock knitter? yes yes yes i love th elittle things cannot get enough. love that tehy fit in my purse though i do not have a nice ltittle project bag for them. love that i can get it out and do it standing up to.
What are your foot measurements? i wear a size 10 shoe
23. When is your birthday? september 27th 1974
24. Are you on Ravelry? If so, what's your ID? scoutleader425 i am a fairly ne memebr in the last 2 weeks.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finally getting things back to normal after weekend at CAMPOREE in Hershey park with the Girl Scouts. Lots of fun but a really long weekend, camping is not a vacation at the best of times, but with all the girls and doing a full day in the park is a lot more work. Still had sooooo much fun and the kids had a great time. Hershey did a wonderful job very easy to do and will definately do it again next year.

As for knitting did not get much more than about 6 rows done all weekend every time i would get it out someone needed me for something.

I did get a new pair of socks on the needles last tuesday, I recieved some new yarn from a swap partner called "Maisy" in purple and could not wait to start with it. I have tried out a new pattern with lacey tops and have to say was nervous starting but once it got going i loved it and will be sure to use pattern again. I also plan on getting many more colors of this yarn it is lovely to work with

This week once they are done i plan to master the Magic loop thing of doing 2 socks at one time but on a large circular needle instead of the 2 smaller ones i use right now. caitlin dyed her own yarn and it came out so pretty so yarn is balled and ready i have the book and the needle so i'm all set just need to finish the others.

I also took the time to go to the sit and knit session at my lys and it was fun lots of freindly people and i cannot wait to go back. There was coffee always a great thing especially after along day and plenty of like minded people. I cannot unfortunately go again for 2 weeks as i have a school meeting tonite and next week a service team plan of work meeting but the 17th i shall be back. I am hoping to meet some of the people I have been talking with on Ravelry so taht will be fun.

But for now back to the socks just about 3 inches to go very exciting Caitlin cannot wait to wear them

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

hand dyed yarn turns into a shawl...

My new hand dyed yarn is now on the needles and growing fast. And can I just say I love love love the colors. The changes are subtle but when worked they look great. for my first dying attempt i am thrilled.

so thrilled in fact i have bought myself some naked sock yarn and hope to recieve it soon. caitlin wants to dye it herself????? and have me knit her socks. I think it could be a lot of fun and MESS!!!!!. we shall see how it turns out .

as for the shawl you can see from the picture that the pattern is alittle off at the bottom of the first vee but i think by the time it is blocked and all knitted up noone but me will know.. i hope!!!
I am also hoping to finish the angora and silk sweater for charlotte rose this week, just one sleeve to go and it will be done.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

summer of yarn love swap

I have just joined the "summer of yarn love swap" I found this on a new site i like called swap dex it list all the swaps out there in one place, a great service. any way here is my wishlist for The Summer of Yarn Love Swap

1.Do you knit or crochet? I am a knittter

How long have you been at your craft? since i was 12

Do you spin? not yet though i am interested to learn

What are your favorite yarns/fibers? I love most fibers particularly naturals any thing soft and yummy and i knit socks so sock yarns are my new favorite thing

What are your least favorite yarns/fibers? Red heart super saver nasty acrylic. and other brands of nasty acrlyic.

What are your favorite colors? no real favorites i like them all

What are your least favorite colors?
Are there any yarns/brands that you are dying to work with but never have? i have not yet had the chance to work with silk or some of the other exotic yarns such as civet or bison though would love the chance to try.

What is/are your favorite types of projects to knit/crochet? I like to knit for my children especially the girls. I love to make socks. and have done purses and shawls and enjoyed . i have not done anything for myself in a long time and may start something for me this summer. i really have no interest in home accents

What are you currently working on? I am currently working on some socks for my oldestdaughter to take to girl scout camp . along witha shawl from mohair that i dyed myself

Anything you plan to work on this summer? I am going to try toe socks and may be cast on something for myself a tank top perhaps

What is your favorite FO? I think my favoriet fnisished obect would be a baby shrug i just recently finished in pink and lavender it came out really well and she loves it.(Post a pic if you would like.)

What is your oldest UFO? I cannot think of one right now

Are there any techniques that you want to learn? I would like to master the art of intarsia and also maybe some norweigian color work

Are you on Ravlery? wohoo i just gfot my ravelry invite my new ravelry id is scoutleader425

Are you a sock knitter? Yes yes yes i love them especially since learning to do two at once

What are your foot measurements? I wear a size 10 shoe and do not have slender ankles though they are not huge either.....!!!

Do you collect anything? I collect anything to do with smore's you know the girl scout chocolate marshmallow snack and i love to find girl scout patches old or new from anywhere they are fascinating and so varied from state to state and of course country to country. It is always fun to show my girls the patches and pins i have collected and been sent by kind soles

i also collect and love anything to do with cowboys. not the football team the real deal.. guys in tight levis boots and hats. i have a passion for the PBR and the PRCA and have attended many rodeos. yes we have them in PA.

Do you have a yarn winder and/or swift? no but i am thinking of getting one especially now that i have learned to dye own yarn

Do you love sweets? Unfortunatley yes and as for favorite so long as no cinnamon is anywhere near it i will love it

What are your favorites? gummy bears

What are your favorite scents? vanilla and fruits and some light florals

Where do you keep your needles/hooks? i have an old boy scout popcorn can where i try to keep long needles the dpn's and circ's i keep in a cross stitch bow holder pouch right now but there are some down the side of the couch to i expect!!

Do you have a wishlist (Amazon, Etsy, etc?) yes

Having a birthday this summer? yes end of september god forbid i am going to be 34 this year when did that happen

Are you allergic to anything??? yes i am allergic to pine nuts oh and housework!!! Please let your pal know!

any way here is my questionnaire for this swap

hand dyed yarn

I have always love hand dyed yarn and recently I have been wanting to have a go. so whilst I was in my LYS I bought a kit called culinary creations a small box and big price tag $45 but it cam with all the dyes and some beautiful mohair lace weight yarn a pattern and all instructions. So yeaterday afternoon I set out to dye. This morning after it is all dried and unwrapped it looks amazing and I want to do more.....

I have wound into a ball and cannot wait to start on the pattern for the shawl that comes witht the kit. hopefully my next dyeing challenge will be some sock yarn

Monday, May 12, 2008

bronze award cake

2007/2008 girl scout year is done.!

We finished the year with a lovely ceremony the girls wanted to have it at the Beltzville state park where the earned their awards. We started the day with a formal flag ceremony which went without a hitch despite many failed attempts during practice..... The weather was beautiful and as promised the 2 ramgers from the park came to present the awards.

I am in awe of how hard these girls worked to earn their Bronze award and look foreard to getting the new girls through theirs. we finsished the day with the bridging ceremony for the new cadettes.

This was followed by a picnic in the pavillion and cake. The cake I am soooo pleased with how it turned out. Simon did a fantastic job of cutting it to look just like the award but the pale chocolate frosting and edible bronze powder really made it look just like the real thing. Everyone loved it and I hope this will become something I do over again for the new


I am this year proud

to say I am the leader of Girl Scout troop 425.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pay it forward

Pay It Forward
I have just signed up for "Pay It Forward" on sounds like alot of fun Here's how the program works:1. You must promise to send some type of handmade gift to the first3 people who leave a comment on your blog requesting to join thisPIF exchange.2. The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog. If you want to join just leave a comment and the first three will be on my PIF list. Then post it to yours so you can return the favor.3. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days,that is my promise!
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it's here. spring!!!!!

Finaly the weather is turning spring like. sun and warmth, I even saw some flowers at the side of the road this weekend. I love this time of year.

Many things going on right now mostly Girl Scout realted. final few troop meetings, getting ready for our ceremony, I think i finaly have all the plans laid out. Invites will go in the mail this week. I have the park booked and the pavilion. I have to get all the candles and decorations yet but still have a while to go. Some thoughts buzzing around about table centers but nothing definate yet. will work on that.

May 3rd the day before our ceremony is going to be fun i think. Me, Dawn and Mickey are traveling to Bloomsburg for the anual meeting. That should not take too long and then we get to spend the day looking at all the booths and vendors taht are attending. we are taking Caitlin and Brittany. Should be good.

Speaking of my daughter Caitlin, she did a fantastic job a few weeks ago, wow has it really been that long since my last post. Caitlin and myself along with 25 other girl scouts and thier mom took part in a "Locks of Love" donation 20.13 feet of hair was doanted and all the girls had a blast. many tears were shed of course, but many memories were made. Every one of the girls who left The Vineyard Scene salon in Tannersville had a fantastic haircut and a smile all worth it. Caitlin was really not sure she liked it but went ahead and took part anyway and now she loves her new do!

As for knitting I have 2 really nice projects on thr go a beautiful sweater for Charlotte, a Crystal palace Bunny hop pattern. I love this yarn so soft. The border is pale green and the bulk of the sweater is cream. pictures to follow later.
i also have a bolero jacket on the needles just started for Charlotte. Pale pink with a plae lavender trim, really pretty but just started so nothing to show yet.
I did also buy some needles to start on a new pair of socks bought the yarn a while ago and really want to have a go at knitting with 2 needles. I have done it where you make 2 at a time socks but did not love the results found it left big holes where the heel was turned but I have been told this does not happen when you do just one on two needles. we shall see.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

snow snow and more snow

We travelled to Vermont this weekend for short ski break. After leaving at lunch time friday taking the kids early from school. We arrived in Vermont just ahead of the snow. It had started to flurry when we were unloading the car. After unpacking and a delicious dinner of Chinese takeout. I have to say that the Chef Mei restaurant in Okemo is one of my favorites we settle down with a glass of wine and some tv. Not exciting I know but lovely. Waking in the morning to find a fresh coating of more than 12 inches of snow. Breakfast some what disjointed as we did not have eggs and the pancake mix provided needed them!!!! should always read the packet I guess..... my family head out to ski. A little over 2 hours later they are back and my 7 year old son is looking a little worse for wear and syas he is done and cannot go out anymore. He is so small that the snow was jsut way to much for him to manage.

The others head out again and I take Lucas and Charlotte out on some makeshift sleds. I turn a laundry basket into the perfect sled for Charlie and lucas gets the good old tea tray. He is not hrilled with this idea but we go out. We find a small but fun hill and he has the best time charlie enjoying her ride to and eating as much snow as she can grab along the way.

Home for a trip out to local shops to see what we can find for dinner and come across some lovely local treats. and some surprises. Barbecue ribs to die for lobster bisque and crab cakes. MMMMMMMM!!!! kids find some lovely things they like to. We all have fun night. More skiing follows the next day and lucas does much better with all of the prviuos snow having been groomed in and new layer of 6 inches they all have a good day. Me and cahrli pack up and we swim before we head for the long drive home.

All in all a great weekend had by all and a nice break for me some time time to relax and not do anything much.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines day.

Valentines so far has been a bit of a blur....

I was woken up to the telephone only to find it was the delivery driver for the gym equipment ny DH issists is going to make us both thinner???? The driver tells me we will be there is an hour maybe an hour and 15 mins and so I am frantically trying to clean enough space for him to put it down in my bedroom when 20 mins after phone call they are here. Must be man minutes!!!! However they cannot get it up the stirs despite the fact we paid extra for their silver delivery package so they would. Eventually they take it in pieces, well at least they take the big bits and leave me all the rest to do after they have gone. Good job we did not pay for the bronze package they awould have left it at the top of the drive.....!

The children had a 2 hour delay for school today teachers much not have had enought ime off due to the very few inches we got on tuesday. We had a half day tuesday, all day wednesday off and a 2 hour delay this morning. I know we live in a rural mountain area but really seems excessive. Anyhow complaining over.

Yesterday I got 3 packages in the mail, a nice surprise. Everything from great mags and coffee to some beautiful yarn and a good book. Loads of fun cannot wait to have a few mins to sit down and enjoy.

I cannot belive that tomorow my Beautiful daughter Charlottte is turning one. She has been such a great additon to the family. It really seems like we have always had her. But I don't feel like we have had her a year, does not seem long ago I had just found out I was pregnant with her. Oh the surpise!!!!! Still I guess tooooooo many margaritas will do that to you...
My other beautiful daughter Caitlin is growing up before my eyes at 12 now she is growing into a young lady. With all the hormones to go with. When she is not a moody teen she is lovely. She is smart and funny and very creative. I spent some time this weekend making Dotte dolls for my Girls Scout troop and with no instruction she jumped right in and made one of her own. I had left all the stuff out as I had not quite finished and I find her making valentine stuffies. No pattern jsut having fun and creating. Sometimes I think they need to do more of that and have at the craft supplies who knows what they will do.
And must not forget that my Husband did not forget or ignore this year he left for to come down stairs to this morning a lovely vase full of lavender Tea Roses along with a card that said it all. We have been to gether for 15years now and I have loved every minute. Well ok there are one or two I would leave out but not many.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Home at last

My trip to England is done. It was great to see all the family and introduce them all to Charlotte Rose.

Mercifully she was great no problems on the flight and she behaved like the perfect princess she is. Grandma loved her and got to spend some quality time with both her and me. My brother and his new wife came on sunday for family lunch and we had alot of fun. I have not seen him in so long and I had never met his wife sarah.
My sister Sarah ( not the same one) is now 18 I cannot believe it when I left home she was just 3 and at preschool now whe is off to university and doing so well I am really proud of her she has accomplished so much and looks to have a great future ahead of her. For her birthday hubby and I gave her enough money for a flight to the US. This I think she is planning on using in October to come and stay for 3 weeks I cannot wait to show her around and introduce her to all the things I love about living this side of the pond.

However all said and done it is great to be home. I really missed Simon and the kids and confess to shedding some tears at the airport when I saw them waiting for me and Charlotte. We do not spend alot of time with me away so it always seems hard. I could have done without the hassel at the aiport, having to wait 20 mins for the airtrain to be told it was shut down and then having to walk from one terminal to the next cos my flight had come it at a different one than perviously scheduled. As we were walking in 17' weather to the next terminal the airtrain sailed by ARRRRRRGH!! and then to find that the elevators to take you from the next terminal out to the parking lot not working either was very frustrating. But being home in my own bed ( with clean sheets (yep he did laundry whilst I was away) was the best feeling. Dinner with the kids and then sleep I was a happy woman.

But no rest for the wicked tuesday brings with it school buses and activities and Simon back to work. And unfortunately a sad event. A funeral. One of my Best friends Mom passed away on thursday night whilst I was away and we had the srvice on tuesday. Viewing at one and then service at 2pm it was good to get the chance to say goodbye though I would have been very sad had I missed this.

The girl scouts all came together for this as Beatrice had been a big part of that. Every member of the service team turned out and all in uniform and so many other leaders either came or dropped off food it was very touching to know that we could pull it out and make Mickey proud.
A sad day and BEATRICE MACKAY will be sorley missed.

On a happier note I got a parcel from the crochetaholics swap yesterday and will post about it later. It always makes me smile when something in the mail that does not cost me anything to open....

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pay It Forward

I have just signed up for "Pay It Forward" on

It sounds like alot of fun Here's how the program works

:1. You must promise to send some type of handmade gift to the first3 people who leave a comment on your blog requesting to join thisPIF exchange.

2. The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog. If you want to join just leave a comment and the first three will be on my PIF list. Then post it to yours so you can return the favor.

3. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days,that is my promise!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Tote Bag swap

I used this tuorial to make dish towel toe bag for the Tote bag with goodies swap. very easy and have since made one for each of the kids. One has their music books in it. the other some lego he has to take to Girl Scouts each week ( yes he loves that, NOT!!)

It was not easy to find dishtowels big enough where I live I guess all the people who live in the boondocks only have small dishes....
I managed to find these in a Linens and Things, as a pack of 6 all with the same colors but different designs.

now just the goodies to put in it. might go shopping for that later today


swap projects

These are the fingerless mittens I made for the Warm Hands Warms Hearts swap. I Finished them in alittle over 4 days and had a great time making them. You really had to concentrate as the pattern is not that well written. Having said that I only had to take the ribbing back twice due to not reading properly and missing a cable row.

Hope that Paige enjoys them as much as I enjoyed making them.