Friday, January 23, 2009

question #2

This weeks question for the warm ewe up winter swap really had me stumped so I have taken some time to think about it.

The question was If you could only knit with one brnad of yarn what would it be??

I honestly did not know the answer to this. I have thought about it and can come up with no specific type. But, I would be lost with out soft hand painted beautiful sock yarn. I love the many colors and fibers available in this medium and would hate to be without it.

so that is the best answer i have to this quetsion lame i know but thats me.

On another note I recieved a wonderful package from my swap partner this week. She stalked me well and knew just the right things to put in.

I recieved a lovely berry colored skein of Paccapeds which comes with a coordinating heel toe skein. And a gorgeous skein of sea colored lace weight malabrigo, so soft and yummy. cannot wait to use it. I also got a lovely pattern that I have wanted for a while for the Little Pumpkin socks along with matching pie slice stitch markers, so cute. lots of yummy chocs and some pretty knitting note cards.

A huge thankyou swap pal who ever you may be.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I did it I did it!!!!!!~!

Siplau is finally finished, lined and ready to be sent to my MIL. It took a little longer than expected to finish as I really wanted to get my Angelina done for Christmas, which I did so this took a back burner. But I have done it I love it and cannot wait to go on and do the next one.

I was just looking on knit picks and they have a great lap top bag kit in the same kind of work this involves steeking which I have not yet attempted but I think I could do it. The kits look great and mayb e when I get back from Pittsburg knit and crochet festival in february that I might go ahead and order it. This is providing I have not spent all my money there.

Talking of that I am taking my very first knitting class there, I am taking double knitting so I can knit to layers of fabric together. I have been knitting for 20 somethings years and have never taken a formal class so a little nervous about it, what if I am doing it all wrong and have been for forever. I am looking forward to meeting some cool people though. It looks like the group from ravelry is planning on meeting me for dinner when I get there which will be great. Nice to put a face to some names.

Friday, January 2, 2009

warm ewe up swap question #1

why did you learn to knit???????

I learned to knit when i was 12. I used to spend to summers with my elderly aunt and uncle and they had no tv and no kids my age lived in the area. so one evening after i had complained my way through the day. My aunt sat me down and showed me how to knit. She had always had projects on the go and my brother and i had always had sweaters for Christmas. She showed me how to knit and purl and left me to it. by the end of the summer i was away.

it was something i picked up and put down over the years and had of course knitted for the kids but it got to be serious about 4 years ago. and now it is my hobby of choice.