Tuesday, March 4, 2008

snow snow and more snow

We travelled to Vermont this weekend for short ski break. After leaving at lunch time friday taking the kids early from school. We arrived in Vermont just ahead of the snow. It had started to flurry when we were unloading the car. After unpacking and a delicious dinner of Chinese takeout. I have to say that the Chef Mei restaurant in Okemo is one of my favorites we settle down with a glass of wine and some tv. Not exciting I know but lovely. Waking in the morning to find a fresh coating of more than 12 inches of snow. Breakfast some what disjointed as we did not have eggs and the pancake mix provided needed them!!!! should always read the packet I guess..... my family head out to ski. A little over 2 hours later they are back and my 7 year old son is looking a little worse for wear and syas he is done and cannot go out anymore. He is so small that the snow was jsut way to much for him to manage.

The others head out again and I take Lucas and Charlotte out on some makeshift sleds. I turn a laundry basket into the perfect sled for Charlie and lucas gets the good old tea tray. He is not hrilled with this idea but we go out. We find a small but fun hill and he has the best time charlie enjoying her ride to and eating as much snow as she can grab along the way.

Home for a trip out to local shops to see what we can find for dinner and come across some lovely local treats. and some surprises. Barbecue ribs to die for lobster bisque and crab cakes. MMMMMMMM!!!! kids find some lovely things they like to. We all have fun night. More skiing follows the next day and lucas does much better with all of the prviuos snow having been groomed in and new layer of 6 inches they all have a good day. Me and cahrli pack up and we swim before we head for the long drive home.

All in all a great weekend had by all and a nice break for me some time time to relax and not do anything much.