Monday, February 22, 2010

spring could it be here??????

The sun is shinning and the flowers are starting to come out could it be is spring here??????

I love this time of year so many new things coming out and a fresh look on everything. The occasional rain keeps it looking pretty. I am excited to see what the yard will look like with new stuff planted up and growing. I know it s not my house but no reason for it not to look good.

We have made a good start by getting the patio furniture to a more useable place rather than where the movers dumped it. I liek the space it has created and hope to spend lots of time out there I need to get a rug for the lower deck level. And of course the planters need filling. I want some tall frondy plants for the 2 big ones and lots of flowers trailing for the mounted baskets. Hanging baskets top get put up and some new lights for the upper level and it will be great.

As for kntting a productive few weeks. Rosies shrug came off the needles. A beauiful pale pink reminscent of strawbeery icecream swirled with vanilla. and in a worsted cotton so not to hot for her but warm enough for the chilly mornings. I decided to shorten the sleeves to 3/4 length and she loves it. Caitlin got new fingerless gloves in wild colors from lornas laces. Not a color i would have chosen but she is thrilled. I am almost done with simons socks and i have cast on a pir for me. From the eclectic sole i chose the nordic lights pattern and so far so good.

I am sooo excited tobe traveling home to see all in PA this week no one has any idea we are coming and all be very surprised. Britt for for her birthday, Denise and Kylie just because so many people and so few days. Will miss my family desperately but cant wait to go. and just to make it better Jason Aldean tickets for thursday nite denise will flip out. He is on tour with another of my fav singers Luke Bryan. shoudl be a great nite.

Off to bed post again soon.