Wednesday, September 17, 2008

question of the week #2 falling for ewe swap

what project am i looking forward to working this autum/ winter???

i saw a very cute pattern for felted slippers, i have done some felting before have really enjoyed it. I hope to be able to get lys this week, i have a coupon for my birthday, i like the colors that cascade 220 comes in hope to be able to start them soon. especially as i woke up this morning and it is freezing here even the kids were complaining.
and of course way more socks. and who can resist something beautiful and very luxurious for my baby daughter

Monday, September 8, 2008

falling for ewe question of the week.#1

What do I like most about autum.?????????

I love the falling leaves and the many colors they come in. I have not seen colors like we get here in the poconos anywhere else.

i Love crisp mornings and evenings and finaly being able to be outside without dying from humidity. clear air is a wonderful thing.

But most of all i like to be able to cook some more hearty and warming meals, soups and stews and the change in vegetables is wonderful.

busy busy busy

Life never seems to stop here. We have family here for the last week in august and the first 2 weeks of this month so far. I want my house back.....

anyway with regards my knitting i have done exactly none. I did finally get caitlins halter top off the needles and she loves it, i am not sure about it but she is happy so I guess thats all that matters.

I also got around to finishing the toes on the THree Irish Girls sock yarn I got for julys club. Nice to work with with and I am thrilled with the finished results.

The rest of my life is in caos so not alot else to tell.

will try and find something exciting soon.