Monday, November 24, 2008

question #6

So the question for the falling for ewe swap this week. is what holiday projects are you looking forward to??????

I am not sure i am looking forward to any holiday projects but i currently have one on the go. I am currently knitting the knit picks sipalu bag for my mil. It is going very well and i am really enjoying it. I have never done any color work before and this was quite a project to tackle first time out. I am about 2/3rds of the way throught this project and hope????? to have it done in time to send home for christmas. I cannot wai to do another.

I also have a huge project on the go for me. I am knitting the white lie vintage bed jacket for me. I have around 16 inches done so far and have gotten thesleeves cast on (it is all knit in one peice) and now have to go 141/5 inches from cast on for sleeves then i will split for fronts. It is just miles and miles of 2 by 2 rib. not hard just tedious.

thanks giving is coming fast and lots still needs to be done for me to get my dream vacation. no housework in case you did not know. i want to be able to sit and knit and hopefullly spin some without havingt o keep thinking i need to get up and do laundry or vacum..... most of the family will be out skiing and the baby and me will be all alone and quiet. she is so good when i want to do things if you feed her and spend time with her in the morning she will sleep for a couple of hours in the afternoon or we will watcha movie and she will sit next to me and just enjoy being together, nothing like it. sometime i dont even knit i just sit with her and enjoy her company she is a wonderful companion.

off to bed now not feeling great this cold has kicked my butt this time

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

awesome read.

I have just finished an awesome book. it was reccomended to me along time ago, i never thought it would be for me but i added it to my wish list about 2 months ago and low and behold i recieved it in a swap about a month back. i decided to give it a go with not much hope of liking it, however could not ut it down.

THe book Memoirs of a Geisha. This was a very cool read. It never slowed down, it was nto at all what i thought and i find it very hard to believe that it was anovel and not someones biography. It was awesome. i loved it and will definately read over and over again. after i have passed it to some friends who should read it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

insane two weeks

It has been and an insane couple of weeks. We found out a little while ago that there had been some issues with our green card, like they lost some paper work this we are told is fairly common and there is nothing you can do anything about. any way i am sure that this is not a problem for a lot of people but we have been waiting for 16 months to hear anything. Our official visa run out december 9th this year and with no end in sight we were looking at some very tough descisions.

Cut our loses and leave at the end of visa time.
or apply for an extension which we may or not be granted as we have already had one.

we decided to re apply for an extension and see what happened. And luck was on our side .

Thursday evening we were told by the lawyers that the approval had gone through. We could stay for another year and hope that in that time we could get our green card sorted out.
so Y'all are stuck with me at least for another year. Apart from having to go out of the country and get things done it is all good.

as for other things going on a very sad event occured in our church this week. Not only did we loose our pastors wife in july to a car accident and having rocked the community we seemed to be getting back on track. But this week a very prominent member of our church took his own life in our pastors office, his wife who is the secretary of our church was unfortunately the person who had to find him. He is well loved and will be greatly missed in our small community.
he leaves behind two great kids and a wife, long with countless family memebers and friends who will miss him a lot.