Thursday, July 10, 2008

wow wow wow

wow wow wow

OMG my BFF totally spoiled me. sorry to much time with small children. but wow my partner spoiled me rotten this month. as you can see from the picture which really does not do it all justice she went way over board.
she really found out things about me . she sent me a book from my amazon wishlist the "sleeping beauty proposal". a lovely margarita lip balm and some very pretty stitch markers with margarita glasses
some baby boo in the most gorgeous shade called apples and berries which is defiantely going tomake socks for me just me and noone else. a skein of the softest yarn it is niji and a blend of bison cahmere and silk. she sent me some hand made wine glass fipflops which are really cute.
a wonderful kit from buffalo gold, bison yarn to make a double moss stitch scarf. a a drop spindle kit. i ahd bought one recently and did not get on well with it made from a door knob and dowel despite trying many time it was not for me. however this one is great i love the weight and have been successful with it nearly from the start.
so to tangled yarns thankyou a wonderful package and thansk really is not enough.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

gone again

my beautiful daughter arrived home from camp yesterday evening. tired and cranky from long car ride. just enough time for dinner do the laundry and eat breakfast with the family before heading out for camp again, this time girl scout camp. she really does enjoy her camps but this was bad planning on my part time wise.

i did get her new socks finished for her to take with her and i am so pleased at how they came out. the colors were amazing and she is so proud to have some socks made from yarn she dyed herself. pics to follow when i can find the camera.

on tuesday i cast on what lucas is calling his llama socks. made from handspun yarn i got at the alpaca farm for my llama obssesed 7 year old. they are knitting up very fast and should be done later tonight i hope. fawn in color they are thick and chunky which is what he wanted for when he gets out of the bath in the winter, it gets very cold here. he thinks he is going to wear them now i think not as he will slowly roast from the feet up... i also should have enough left over to knit him some mittens for winter which he likes.

as for what is next i can honestly say i do not know i have some really nice yarns that i have either picked out at lys or been sent and have so many things running through my head i am unsure which to pick so i will have to sit down with yarn and have a talk with it to see where it wants to go!!!!!

the drop spindle i bought is proving to be fun if not very succesful i cant seemt o egt very even yarn and think maybe i am doing something wrong but with no one to ask or go to for help i have to keep trying on my own. i am really keen to get this going as i do really enjoy it. i am hoping to be able to get good enough to persuade hubby for a wheel. i love how the rovong feels in hands as it turns to yarn. i think though not sure why that there is too much twist in the yarn i am making though if i do not keep spindle moving it seems unravel and then it is very uneven. will persavere and hope that what people keep telling me is true. i ahve been told at least 4 times that one day sit seems really ahrd and you think you are never going to get it and th next it clicks and you are off. i hope this holds and my day is coming soon.