Wednesday, October 22, 2008

falling for ewe package number 2

a wonderul package came thism morning from my swap pal from falling for ewe. this is the second wonderful box i have recieved from traceyschuh and she really went all ou this time. i recieve

d from her 7 yes count them 7 balls of lovely yarns my daughter really wants me to make her some fingerless mitts from the pink and blue.

2 great mags, a needle case so i no longer have to stuff them down the side of the couch...

some glorious things for my hand s which now the weather has changed are always dry and sore i hope to find some time to use the kit today. candles and bath things and a book on gifts in a jar.

a perfect package for me she obviously stalked me well.

onto other things i go to go to RHINEBECK this week, first time and i was not dissapointed. so much yarny goodness all in one place very hard not to drool. i was very restarined and did not go nuts thoguh i very easily could have. i bought roving in various colors and fibers which i cannot wait to spin. i am nearly done with the camel and merino i bought at soar it is so soft and a joy to spin, like butter. i also bought some lornas laces sock in a lovely dessert color pallete kind of like icecream. a mug just for me and many othe rthings. we had an absolute blast up there and are saving hard to go again next year. cannot wait. having not been to any fiber related festivals before the last month has really opened my eyes to what is out there and what can be done.

i saw an amazing shrug that i left the satll saying i just had to have, unfortunately her shipment of kits did not come to usa with her bad planning i think, however she said email me and i will be only to happy to send one out. so monday i emaila dn get a rapid response, she is willing to mail me a kit at the cost of $200 dollars plus $40 s&h and maryland tax at 6% i only wanted the pattern but alas she will nto sell me just that. ihad hoped to spin the yarn from things i have here and go from there. oh well i will keep searching and find the perfect one.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

falling for ewe question of the week #5

Do you like football and what is your favorite team.??

Being from England I can honestly say no I do not like americas version of football. I do however love english football or soccer if you want to call it that. Manchester United was my team and we watch whenever we can. Not often as fox soccer channel does not show it to much, hey ho.

I have tried to like american football but to no avail. It comes accross as a very broing game with not alot of ongoing action. I like my sports a little faster in pace. And what i ask is the point of not wearing shorts it is the reason many women love to watch socccer the chance to see fit me in tight short shorts.....

loads of stuff

This is just a crazy time of year for me, with tons of stuff happening.

Girl scouts is very busy and getting busier all the time. I have a facilitator course booked for me to do on october 25th for 6 hours. I have the 2 troops which it feels will never be organised. And now Dawn and I have the chance to run 2 7 week programs for the journeys very busy time. I do love it though.

As for knitting I have nealr finished a pair of gloves I had bought the yarn for at the farm 2 weeks ago and i am very pleased with how they are turning out. I still have not yet finished the toe up sock blank socks though I must try and do that this week. I have to get around to taing picture for them so i can show my partner how great the colors worked. maybe later today.

I am hoping today that my knitpicks order will come in and i can get a start on FIL's christmas gift a pair of felted slipper clogs very cute and manly of course.

Spinning is going better than i could have hoped . I went to the soar market last week and bought some beautiful roving i could not wait to spin. so i went ahead and spun it wow wow owow it spun like butter and i plied it this morning and i love it. pics to follow.

swaps. i have recieved 2 wonderful packages this week. A coffee and choclate swap which contained some wonderful coffee and chocolates and some gorgeous happy feet yarn and many o ther great goodies.

book swap this month was a great experience i recived from gina not one but 3 books

Memoirs of a Geisha, a killer stitch. and on what grounds. all of these havebeen on my wishlist for a while and i cannot wait to read them. she also sent me some wonderful bits and pieces for my girl scout scrap book and some lion brand self striping yarn.

so all in all a great week.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


A quick post this morning.

As I am off to the market at the spin off retreat. I finally found some help with my spinning from a fantastic lady near me her name was Tricia. She not only managed to get me going with it but gave me loads of great advice and helpful tips. She also told me about SOAR whilst i am to late to sign up for classes they do have a market open to the public and she thought it would be great fro me to go and see whats out there. So that is what I am doing today. I am looking forward to it very much as I missed the last fiber festival i wanted to attend as my mom was here from England.

Will post details later