Friday, December 4, 2009

sole food swap

What weight of sock yarn do you generally prefer (fingering, sport, or DK?) either is great i love to the fine gauge of fingering but the quickness of sport and dk
What is your favorite type of yarn to knit with? for socks i love hand painted it is so much fun to see what each different yarn will do
Are there any brands of sock yarn that you have wanted to work with but have not had the chance? as a brand i have not tried trekking xxl or socks that rock. but for me i am all about trying something new and am very intrigued by all the new fibers coming on the market. justthis week i saw sugar cane and banana
What colors do you like? for socks i find anything goes
What colors do you not like? as above i love them all for socks
What type of recipes do you usually cook with? i lean toward mexican and thai and idian inspired things but i just love to cook
What type of recipes do you usually bake with? i love to bake cookies and cupcakes and bars things like that
What is your favorite food? all of it.... no i really do not have a food preference it is a mood thing
Are you a tea or coffee drinker? both though more coffee than tea
What type of sweets do you like? i have th worst passion for gummy candy anything at all
Does your kitchen have a theme? coffee
Do you have any allergies (to food, fibers, pets, etc) or diet restrictions? unfortunately i am allergic to nuts
Is there anything else you would like your pal to know? i do not think so though i may change my mind a little later will think on it a little

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monarch knitting store.

We went to monterey bay on saturday to enjoy the huge surf that had rolled in and also fly the kites. However once we got there I noticed this yarn store I had heard grea things about I did not realise it was down that way. We drove past and whilst I knwo the family would have sat in the car and waited for me it did not seem fair as they were hungry and wanting to play on the beach. So i vowed to drive down on monday.

Rosie and I got up and made the trip down and it did not dissapoint. It was a beautiful store filled with all things fibery. Knitting spinning and weaving abounded. I loved the store and think this one is definately my fav of all the ones i have found here so far.

Here is a pic of what rosie and i bought. Bison fiber delicous, 3 skiens of noro kureyon. 2 to make a hot water bottle cover for me and 1 for a project in last months interweave magazine. I bought a debbie bliss sublime book and the yarn to make the front cover sweater for charlotte rose. I got it in the cutest raspberry color, so cute. I also bought the book socks from the toe up

along with all of this I also bought suede bottoms for the girls slippers. I have rosies done and waiting to be felted and I hope to start caitlins today. I just have to finish the quilt for MIL and really do not want to . but i have to get it in the mail this week or it will not be there for xmas.