Wednesday, May 21, 2008

hand dyed yarn turns into a shawl...

My new hand dyed yarn is now on the needles and growing fast. And can I just say I love love love the colors. The changes are subtle but when worked they look great. for my first dying attempt i am thrilled.

so thrilled in fact i have bought myself some naked sock yarn and hope to recieve it soon. caitlin wants to dye it herself????? and have me knit her socks. I think it could be a lot of fun and MESS!!!!!. we shall see how it turns out .

as for the shawl you can see from the picture that the pattern is alittle off at the bottom of the first vee but i think by the time it is blocked and all knitted up noone but me will know.. i hope!!!
I am also hoping to finish the angora and silk sweater for charlotte rose this week, just one sleeve to go and it will be done.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

summer of yarn love swap

I have just joined the "summer of yarn love swap" I found this on a new site i like called swap dex it list all the swaps out there in one place, a great service. any way here is my wishlist for The Summer of Yarn Love Swap

1.Do you knit or crochet? I am a knittter

How long have you been at your craft? since i was 12

Do you spin? not yet though i am interested to learn

What are your favorite yarns/fibers? I love most fibers particularly naturals any thing soft and yummy and i knit socks so sock yarns are my new favorite thing

What are your least favorite yarns/fibers? Red heart super saver nasty acrylic. and other brands of nasty acrlyic.

What are your favorite colors? no real favorites i like them all

What are your least favorite colors?
Are there any yarns/brands that you are dying to work with but never have? i have not yet had the chance to work with silk or some of the other exotic yarns such as civet or bison though would love the chance to try.

What is/are your favorite types of projects to knit/crochet? I like to knit for my children especially the girls. I love to make socks. and have done purses and shawls and enjoyed . i have not done anything for myself in a long time and may start something for me this summer. i really have no interest in home accents

What are you currently working on? I am currently working on some socks for my oldestdaughter to take to girl scout camp . along witha shawl from mohair that i dyed myself

Anything you plan to work on this summer? I am going to try toe socks and may be cast on something for myself a tank top perhaps

What is your favorite FO? I think my favoriet fnisished obect would be a baby shrug i just recently finished in pink and lavender it came out really well and she loves it.(Post a pic if you would like.)

What is your oldest UFO? I cannot think of one right now

Are there any techniques that you want to learn? I would like to master the art of intarsia and also maybe some norweigian color work

Are you on Ravlery? wohoo i just gfot my ravelry invite my new ravelry id is scoutleader425

Are you a sock knitter? Yes yes yes i love them especially since learning to do two at once

What are your foot measurements? I wear a size 10 shoe and do not have slender ankles though they are not huge either.....!!!

Do you collect anything? I collect anything to do with smore's you know the girl scout chocolate marshmallow snack and i love to find girl scout patches old or new from anywhere they are fascinating and so varied from state to state and of course country to country. It is always fun to show my girls the patches and pins i have collected and been sent by kind soles

i also collect and love anything to do with cowboys. not the football team the real deal.. guys in tight levis boots and hats. i have a passion for the PBR and the PRCA and have attended many rodeos. yes we have them in PA.

Do you have a yarn winder and/or swift? no but i am thinking of getting one especially now that i have learned to dye own yarn

Do you love sweets? Unfortunatley yes and as for favorite so long as no cinnamon is anywhere near it i will love it

What are your favorites? gummy bears

What are your favorite scents? vanilla and fruits and some light florals

Where do you keep your needles/hooks? i have an old boy scout popcorn can where i try to keep long needles the dpn's and circ's i keep in a cross stitch bow holder pouch right now but there are some down the side of the couch to i expect!!

Do you have a wishlist (Amazon, Etsy, etc?) yes

Having a birthday this summer? yes end of september god forbid i am going to be 34 this year when did that happen

Are you allergic to anything??? yes i am allergic to pine nuts oh and housework!!! Please let your pal know!

any way here is my questionnaire for this swap

hand dyed yarn

I have always love hand dyed yarn and recently I have been wanting to have a go. so whilst I was in my LYS I bought a kit called culinary creations a small box and big price tag $45 but it cam with all the dyes and some beautiful mohair lace weight yarn a pattern and all instructions. So yeaterday afternoon I set out to dye. This morning after it is all dried and unwrapped it looks amazing and I want to do more.....

I have wound into a ball and cannot wait to start on the pattern for the shawl that comes witht the kit. hopefully my next dyeing challenge will be some sock yarn

Monday, May 12, 2008

bronze award cake

2007/2008 girl scout year is done.!

We finished the year with a lovely ceremony the girls wanted to have it at the Beltzville state park where the earned their awards. We started the day with a formal flag ceremony which went without a hitch despite many failed attempts during practice..... The weather was beautiful and as promised the 2 ramgers from the park came to present the awards.

I am in awe of how hard these girls worked to earn their Bronze award and look foreard to getting the new girls through theirs. we finsished the day with the bridging ceremony for the new cadettes.

This was followed by a picnic in the pavillion and cake. The cake I am soooo pleased with how it turned out. Simon did a fantastic job of cutting it to look just like the award but the pale chocolate frosting and edible bronze powder really made it look just like the real thing. Everyone loved it and I hope this will become something I do over again for the new


I am this year proud

to say I am the leader of Girl Scout troop 425.