Tuesday, July 14, 2009


wow. we are 2 days into a week long Girl scout camp and all seems to be going well. we have not lost any kids or damaged any we have had just one scrape and 2 twisted ankles. all is well. tomorow is green day and they will be taking part in a recycling relay at the end of the day. hopefully that will go well.

simon is in california for his interview. not sure how i feel about it but we shall see how it goes. the main thing is to do what is right for everyone. does california hold the key to our future or will we stay here in pa.

spinning has not gone at all to plan and what i have had a chance to do iam not thrilled with. i found the romney very hard to spin. love the colors just hate the fiber. i did however get some amazing fiber from spinning bunny and cannot wait to give the soft and smooshy stuff a go.

off to bed to listen to podcasts only chance i have when hubby is away.

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