Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New home and new life

Well things have been somewhat up in the air for a while but seem to be back on a more even keel now.

we have moved from PA to CA and settled the kids well. we have a great home and I really like the town we are living in. IT has loads going on and always something to do. The area is just beautiful. very different from PA but the desert seems to hold its own charm.

Now that we are settled I want to get back into swapping and so have madea vow to write here at least once a week. wil try and post pics of things going on in my knitting life.

It has been very productive in the last few weeks. a wonderful fall coat for my daughter charlotte. a hot water bottle cover in entrelac, something i have finally mastered... and i have nearly finsished a pair of socks for my father in law for xmas. t he hot water bottle is for my mom.

i have a huge list of xmas knits i want to finish but can only do when ia ma lone as they should not be seen by the small people.

Must get to it i guess. more to come.....

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