Friday, February 27, 2009

pittsburgh knit and crochet

I travelled down to Pittsburgh for the 5th annual knit and crochet festival on the weekend of valentines day.

I had the best time. I took a class in double knitting and despite my concerns about not having takena formal class before all was great.. this technique was not something i had seen before or tried and i came away with some greta knowledge and hope to be able to use it in the future. I think it would be best applied for me with hats for hubby and the kids a nice smooth layer inside for warmth and the fancy bit ont the outside. just have tof igure ot how to cable and decrease in this method.

I also puchased some wonderful things.

I bough a skein of sock yarn from creatively dyed and got to mee t with diane the owner and dyer herself. it is called sea scape and i cannot wait to start knitting this. a great base yarn adn the colors are fab. not to mention dianne gives a very generous 510 yeards per skein of sock yarn.
I also got form her 2 hanks of fiber to spin of a bamboo and merino. very pretty in pinks and purples.
I bought a pound of the softest merino tops for spinning and cannot wait to do this so soft and gorgeous. a pattern for charlotte rose of nonis ella and the garden jacket. i think i am going order the y arn for this this weekend. it is slightly felted and will look lovely for her for the spring.
a skien of sock yarn for simon in many shades of grey.

and the best purchase was a real splurger. a patterna nd yarn to make myself the most lovely jacket i have seen in a long time. it is called the lake placid basket weave jacket. basket weave body with a very intricatre cable border allaround to make the collar closed with a pin. i have about 8 inches done so far and cannot wait to finsih. decadent fibers make thsi yarn and pattern the yarn is called creme brulle and i chose it in a kind of grey and cream colorway. kntis fast as fat yarn and big needles.

pics to follow on that one.

vermont this weekend for our first skiing weekend away. I am taking the wheel fiber and as much kntting as i can pack in my bag. charlie and i get all day to do just as we like and i dont have to clean and do scout things so a real vacation for me lots of spinning and knitting and nothing else. except for quality time with my family.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

spinning bunny fiber

I just joined the spinning bunny fiber club high fiber desserts.

I got my first shipment this week. It was a gorgeous color combination of pink and red and white. i chose to spin all the colors together instead of separating layers and this is the wonderful result. I love the combination and differences in colors. it spun like a dream with me almost not having to do anything to it. just be there to guide it in. I plied it 2ply and cannot wait to find the perfect project for it. I think i have about 360 yrds and somewhere betweena sport and a worsted weight.

cannot wait to see what comes next time. i think it should be here for april.

oh and the best bit and i forgot to mention this it comes with a recipe for a dessert that inspired the colors of yarn. this month it was a white chocolate cherry cheesecake and i plan to make it for sunday tea. hope it turns out well have not always had sucess with baked cheesecake in thepast we shall see.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

question #4

Question #4 for the warm ewe up winter swap.

What are you plans for valentines day????

my plans this year are to be at a knitting and crochet festival in pittsburgh I should be back saturday night but late so no dinner then. sunday is my beautiful charlotte roses birthday 2 i cannot believe it already, so we will celabrate during the day with presents and cake and fun and then sunday night is just for me and hubby. dinner a glass of wine candles and who knows.........

Knitting this week is going slow have had no time at all to get anything done. Did cast on a pair of new socks but have done nothing more than the cuff. maybe this week and definately whilst i am away.

I really need this break it has been a long cold winter and the kids have been home alot as much as i love them the snow days are taking their toll. lots of yarny goodness is just what i need.
and then home to a great meal and a glass of wine. win win !!!!!!